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Britney and Grace above winning 1st and 3rd place in their first hunter derby!


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We are once again accepting new clients! At this time we only have a small amount of availability so we are only taking riders with some experience.

Thank you!


The above photo is of Miss Lauren and Miss Kacey at a horse show. Miss Lauren was 9 and Miss Kacey was 2!

Miss Kacey at age7 and 17, from ponies & pigtails to 1.2 meter jumpers!

Do we breed horses?

Currently, we do not breed; however, we have experience with:

  • Weaning babies from their mothers
  • Handling babies as young as 4 months old
  • Raising babies from 4 months to adults

We pride ourselves in taking time to really bond and teach youngsters how to behaive and respect us in a fun/loving way

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